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High Quality Rew Cashew Nuts For Sale

  • Origin: Tanzania
  • Location: Nakuru County
  • Supply Type: oem service
  • Processing Time: 15 working days

Supplier Info.

  • Location Nakuru County
  • Employees Total
  • Annual Revenue

Cashew nuts contain a sap which can cause skin irritation and should be removed before consumption. Cashew nuts are usually processed roasted or boiled, in order to peel the hard skin coating, and to remove the sap . Characteristic of excellent cashew nut consists of very large beans, while the fruit false was not developed. Cashew beans located at the end of the fruit . Actually the part called the cashew fruit is the fruit false. Because the fruit of cashew nut is actually the cashew beans itself, while the fruit is a swollen stalk.This is a way of the plant to disseminate species in the arid region. As if still not feel secure, cashew plant still protects the cashew beans with two layers of thick and hard skin. Nutrition Contents : In addition, cashew nuts also contain magnesium that serves to protect against high blood pressure and works with calcium to promote strong bone structure. Cashew nuts do not contain cholesterol so it is good for people with heart problems. In addition, they also contain monounsaturated fat which helps produce good cholesterol and improve blood circulation. Cashew nuts contain less saturated fat than other nuts such as almonds and walnuts. Cashew nuts also contain high fiber so it is good for digestion, and helps you lose weight if consumed in moderate dose ( consuming too much cashew nuts may cause weight gain ).

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