Ear Tags And Applicator

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Animal identity management----Ear Tags


Animal ear tag are used by the livestock producer to keep production records of bloodlines, birth dates, vaccinations and other key criteria necessary for raising animals as a career. Without some form of identification, it would be impossible to manage the records of each animal, especially when entire herds are raised by one person or family.

One-piece Ear Tags  Features:

imported one-piece material;

Flexible material and good elasticity;

High aaand low temperature resistant and weather proof;

Anti-microbial, prevent from cut infection and fast cut healing;

Anti-UV, Anti-scraping, crisp and rupture;

Non-toxic, free from extraneous odor, environmentally friendly and absolutely safe;

Patented anti-off structure, one-piece design, lifelong wear;

Special design for cut, minimized ear cut and easy and safe application


One-piece Ear Tags Material: TPU



One-piece Ear Tags Product Type

TV 15

size 110mm (h)*76mm (w)

Application: sheep, Calves and pigs

 2               TVOP015 2  


TV 13

size58mm (h)*46mm (w)

Application: sheep, Calves

 未标题-1          TVOP013 2                                      





TV 11

size30mm (h)*46mm (w)

Application: sheep, Calves and pigs


猪耳标          TVOP011 2



Colors available:

Adobe Systems



Optional Accessories:

One-piece Ear Tag  Applicator

For the application of one-piece ear tags, fast application, convenient, labor-saving, and professional training no needed.




Ear Tag wrench

Helping fixing the ear tag to ear tag applicator, labor-saving and time-saving.


Ear Tag Handle

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