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IOT heating mat for vehicle

  • Origin: South Korea
  • Supply Type: oem service
  • Processing Time: 15 to 30 Days
  • Min Order: 1

Quick Details

Function Automotive heating mat (with IOT function)
Feature As it is a heating mat exclusively for automobiles, a power bank for the vehicle is essential.
Size 125Cm X 180Cm
Weight 650g

Supplier Info.

  • Company Name GobizKorea
  • Membership:Platinum
  • Business Type: Business Service (Transportation, finance, travel, Ads, etc)
  • Employees Total 11-50
  • Annual Revenue
IOT heating mat for vehicle
AI-based temperature maintenance platform for camping or car camping that has safe heating functions.
· It utilizes a planar heating element which guarantees uniform temperature distribution, eliminating the risk of burns.· Due to the use of a low voltage (24V), it poses no risk of electric shock even when wet.· Unlike conventional heating mats, it generates radiant heat and warms the air in the car.· The automatic temperature maintenance due to the set-up value of the temperature can help prevent accidents by providing warm and comfortable sleep during camping or leisure activities in the car park.
AI-based temperature maintenance platform for camping or car camping can prevent accidents
· Utilizes sensors spread throughout the campsite and indoor carpark that detects fire (as well as smoke, temperature rise), allowing immediate response in case of fire accidents.· It can be operated remotely using a smartphone in the event of an accident (within 50m).· In the event of a fire (toxic gas) and being unable to move, it is possible to prevent life-threatening events.
AI-based temperature maintenance platform for camping or car camping that features a mobile app
· You can configure and control the complete menu from your mobile device.· All function options are presented at a glance on the main screen, making it easy for anybody to use and control. Users can pair it with a controller to set the temperature they want.· Even within short distances (within 50m), you can set the temperature and turn off the power with your smartphone.· In case of emergency, there is a notification function on your smartphone.
The world's first patent registration for its kind. The product has been developed with patented technology and is recognized for its safety and efficiency.
· Patent registration for IOT-based electric heating system method using graphene mixture [Registration number: 10-1776699]· Patent registration of IOT-based road and sidewalk anti-icing system that utilizes planar heating element for anti-icing [Registration number: 10-2155317]· All substances that are harmful to the human body are eliminated, and optimal body condition is ensured.· Utilizes a non-incendiary temperature maintenance platform that is optimized for camping and car camping
It is possible to expand public service to the underprivileged.
Even in modern times, there are many young people who endure the cold by sharing their body temperatures. Energy vulnerable groups like children or the elderly can overcome the cold in a good healthy way by utilizing our temperature maintenance technology
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