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Marine fish dryer, basic on heat pump drying technology, energy saving, no pollution, factory rice

  • Origin: China

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  • Company Name Zhuhai Hello River Technology Co. Ltd
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marine fish dryer|fruit dryer|vegetable dryer|mushroom dryer|furniture painting dryer|heat pump dryer|sausag dryer, it can dry the marine fish, salted fish, cured fish, preserved fish and other fish-realted products. <br /><br />Heat pump technology, energy saving technology, smart control huminidity and temperature. This dryer can use to dry the sausage, fish, vegetable, preserved pork, ham, beef, and other kinds of agriculture products.<br/><h2>Product Feature</h2><br/>HELLO River heat pump meat drying machine is a energy saving drying device that be designed for drying and dehydration of all kinds of agriculture product including herb, fish, fruit, vegetable, mushroom, coffee bean, cocoa, timber wood, beef jerky, ginger, sausage, as well as some industrial materials. Product Specification / Models 1, Easy assemble. The full set system only take 2-3 days to complete assemble. <br />2.High efficiency and environmental protection. With only a small amount of power, the heat pump dry can absorb a lot of heat in the air and its power consumption is only 1/3 of electricity heating, saving more than 70% of the operating costs.<br />3.Without any combustion and emissions when drying, the heat pump drying system is a kind of environmentally friendly drying solution without any pollution.<br />4.Safe and reliable drying system, and there is no flammable, explosive, circuit and other dangerous.<br />5.The heat pump drying technology is developed on the basis of traditional air conditioning technology, with mature technology, stable performance, and the service life of up to 10 years or so, fully automatic operation, smart control.<br/><h2>Application / Models</h2><br/>a.Agriculture product drying machine: cassava, rose, mushroom, sweet potato, leaf, fungus, white fungus, pepper(chilli), day lily, taro slice, herb, cashew nuts, Walnut, dried vegetable, bamboo shoots, mulberry, coffee bean, cocoa bean, starch, Vegetable seeds and other agriculture product seeds, silkworm cocoon. <br />b.Fruit dryer: longan, litchi, Banana, mango, red dates, red bayberry, lemon, grape, jackfruit, persimmon, olive, candied fruit, dried fruit, nut, pitaya, guava and etc.<br />c.Food drying solution: sausage, salted meat, cured meat(bacon), preserved pork, smoked fish, ham, noodle, rice noodle and etc.<br />d.Sea food drying equipment: marine fish, shredded squid, dried shrimp, abalone, oysters, sea cucumber, cuttlefish, hippocampi, and other water products.<br />e.Tea Dryer: puer tea, black tea, green tea, tea leaf, and other tea-related product.<br />f.Incense drying machine: incense, incense coil, mosquito-repellent incense, bamboo incense, incense stick and other incense-related products.<br />g.Timber dryer: rosewood, pine floor, bamboo flooring, pine wood, toothpick, chopsticks, bamboo arts and crafts and etc.<br />h.Industrial material: Furniture paint, printing drying, plastic material, Leatherwear product, cotton textiles and cotton yarn, plating parts, firework products, paper tube, paper roll, natural rubber product. <br />i.The heat pump dryer can be assembled with the belt type assemble orm the belt type drying processing er Information for more info. please us byaccount +8 or wechat account swdeng2012 or i. or visit our website:<br /><br />

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