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XIANTAIMA Provide top Quinocetone/CAS No.81810-66-4 good price!

  • Origin: China
  • Min Order: 5

Supplier Info.

  • Employees Total 51-100
  • Annual Revenue US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Product Properties
XIANTAIMA pharmaceutical intermediates Quinocetone 81810-66-4 antibacterial feed additivesProduct Name: QuinocetoneCas No.: 81810-66-4Molecular Formula: C18H14N2O3Molecular Weight: 306.32Appearance: Yellow or light yellow powder
Packing & Delivery
XIANTAIMA pharmaceutical intermediates Quinocetone 81810-66-4 antibacterial feed additives

Package: 125ml Sample Package; 1L Standard Package;500ml,1L/Bottle; 5L,10L/Drum; 15L,20L/Carton; or according to customers' requirement.Storage: Store in cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.

Delivery: 1-2 working days after payment/FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS, etc.

Detailed Description
XIANTAIMA pharmaceutical intermediates Quinocetone 81810-66-4 antibacterial feed additivesQuinocetone is yellow powder, odorless, tasteless, insoluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol.Its chemical name is: 3 - methyl - 2 - styryl ketone - quinoxaline - 1, 4 - dioxide, molecular formula C8H14N2O3, the structural formula shown in Figure 1, a molecular weight of 306. 5, the melting point of 190 to 193 ° C , Light yellow or yellow-green powder, insoluble in water, slightly soluble in some organic solvents, light sensitive, prone to photochemical reactions. Quinocetone quinoxaline drugs can promote growth and improve feed conversion rate of a variety of intestinal pathogens (especially Gram-negative bacteria) have an inhibitory effect, can significantly reduce the incidence of diarrhea in livestock and poultry.
XIANTAIMA pharmaceutical intermediates Quinocetone 81810-66-4 antibacterial feed additives1. Antimicrobial spectrum, a wide variety of pathogenic bacteria are inhibitory to the killing effect. Such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella, Proteus, poultry Pasteurella, Shigella, Edwardsiella, Aeromonas hydrophila, Pseudomonas, Vibrio and so on. 2. Especially strong inhibition of digestive tract bacteria, do not interfere with the normal intestinal micro-ecological balance, only to kill pathogens, to protect bacteria. Can prevent diarrhea, promote assimilation of protein to accelerate animal growth, improve feed conversion ratio. 3. In animals fast metabolism, excretion fast, do not accumulate in order to exclude the form of the original drug in vitro, non-toxic side effects, no residue, no drug resistance, used in poultry, pigs, fish integrated farming mode of production, the recycling. 4. Results are obvious, with the prevention and treatment of diarrhea, the efficacy of livestock and poultry, the normal recommended amount of weight gain can increase by 15% diarrhea rate has dropped 50-70% of livestock and poultry. Antimicrobial growth-promoting role of the entirely replace olaquindox. 5. Drug compatibility extensive, almost no incompatibility may be other drugs, nutrition components and accessories arbitrary compatibility. 6. Used in aquaculture and has the protection of water purity, and - given the role of clean water. Have a good prevention, treatment effect of the disease and improve survival. Used for fish farming safe and reliable, especially for fish, sea cucumber, abalone nursery used to prevent bacterial infection.7. Livestock is mainly used for Gram-negative bacteria and Staphylococcus aureus caused by respiratory tract, urinary tract infection. Especially suitable for intestinal infections such as salmonellosis, typhoid, paratyphoid, fowl cholera, disease of livestock and poultry.
XIANTAIMA pharmaceutical intermediates Quinocetone 81810-66-4 antibacterial feed additives1. Suckling pig with 75 ppm, piglet 50 ppm; 2. Poults 75ppm, Zhongshan University poultry 50 ppm; 3. General aquaculture (sea, light fish, etc.) 40-50ppm; 4. Special aquatic products (shrimp , turtle, sea cucumbers, etc.) 50-75 ppm. 5. Medicated bath: Use 20-30g / cubic meter of water body immersion liquid 30-40 minutes, with the first ethanol when dissolved, add diluted with water. At the same time oral administration.
Company Profile
XIANTAIMA pharmaceutical intermediates Quinocetone 81810-66-4 antibacterial feed additives

Xi’an Taima Biological Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, is a technological export-oriented private enterprise with the Rights of Self-Managed Import and Export, specializing in active ingredients modernized and industrialization research, development, production, and sales of natural medical botany. Our factory covers an area of 6,000 square meters equipped with advanced equipment and the production process is in accordance with FDA.Since its inception, the company is aiming at providing every customer with top best quality products and superior service at a reasonable and competitive price, all the time. And in the past 9 years, we’ve gained great progress. Our products are exported to countries all over the world: USA, countries in North America, South America, European countries like UK, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Finland, Norway, France, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Spain, Latvia, etc. Asia countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, etc. Our products are selling very well in these areas. And other countries like Australia, Mexico, Salvatore, Costa Rica, and so on. What’s more, for the high quality products and superior service we provide, we’ve been highly appreciated by our customers. We are getting more and more returning customer day by day. & Our Company always persist in: Top Quality Products, Excellent Professional Knowledge, Superior Service

How to Order
XIANTAIMA pharmaceutical intermediates Quinocetone 81810-66-4 antibacterial feed additives

1. Make sure your quantity need and Leave us message, with your mailed details shown: Including contact name, address information, contact phone, etc.2. We send you a PI (Proforma Invoice) for price and payment detail.3. Payment by Paypal or Western Union or T/T.4. We arrange the delivery and update you the tracking number in time.

XIANTAIMA pharmaceutical intermediates Quinocetone 81810-66-4 antibacterial feed additives

Q1: Could you provide free sample for test?A1: We can provide you free sample for test, and you only need to pay the delivery cost.

Q2: Which payment terms do you accept? A2: PayPal, T/T, West Union, Bank Transfer, etc.

Q3: What's about the MOQ ?A3: It depends on different products. Usually our MOQ is 5kg.

Q4: What’s the delivery lead time?A4: We will make delivery within 1-2 days after receiving payment.

Q5: What about the delivery port? A5: Main ports in China are available (Hong Kong,Guangzhou,Shenzhen).


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