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NAX-FP(fire Proof)

  • Origin: Iran
  • Location: NO.203, 2nd Floor, Aseman Sardar Biulding, Sardar Jangal Street, Tehran, Iran
  • Supply Type: oem service

Supplier Info.

  • Company Name Nano axon
  • Membership:Free
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Location NO.203, 2nd Floor, Aseman Sardar Biulding, Sardar Jangal Street, Tehran, Iran
  • Employees Total 11-50
  • Annual Revenue

Heat insulation paint Application:

1.      Coverage of building surfaces including internal and external walls and ceilings

Covering walls and ceilings with heat-insulated paint helps control energy consumption and prevent its loss in different weather conditions. This paint also absorbs a large amount of sound waves and is used as sound insulation in buildings.

2.     Covering external surfaces of gas and oil pipelines

Due to the fact that the oil and gas pipelines in different atmospheric conditions are at a higher and lower temperature than required, Insufficient proper insulation causes the evaporation and wasting of the contents of these pipes and in some cases interferes the transfer process. For example, gas pressure drop in extreme cold and flow stops, covering of these pipes using this insulating paint, in addition to increasing the life time of the body of the pipes in different atmospheric conditions, eliminates the problems mentioned above.

3.     Covering hot and cold air transfer channels

Insulating these channels with Nano-Axon insulation paint minimizes the effect of ambient temperature on the air inside the channel and vice versa and prevents loss of energy.

4.     Covering the surfaces of ships and railroads

Vessels and rail systems need to maintain optimal temperature in different atmospheric conditions due to passenger and load displacement. These systems also encounter the problem of sound transmission to the cabin. The third problem is the high maintenance cost of the systems due to surface corrosion. A 1mm thick layer of Nano-Axon-insulating paint can solve the problems mentioned above, simultaneously.

5.     Coverage of high-temperature tanks

Coverage of high-temperature tanks to maintain the temperature of the reservoirs need a variety of energy sources, including electrical energy and fossil fuels. Insulating these reservoirs, in addition to reducing the energy used to maintain the temperature of reservoirs, make the temperature better controlled in different atmospheric conditions.

6.     Covering the walls of metal conexes:

Due to the high heat transfer of the metal wall, metal conexes need to be insulated efficiently to maintain optimum performance in different climates. The inadequacies of existing insulators have made it impossible to use these containers in hot and dry areas and in cold and snow areas. The thin layer of the nano-insulating paint of axon perfectly makes the indoor temperature condition suitable for use in these areas.

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