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Requirement of devices-instrument-equipments-machines Buyer and Importer from Bahrain - Buying Lead

01 Jun, 2022

Requirement of devices-instrument-equipments-machines

We seek to buy devices-instrument-equipments-machines-tool-testers-monitors-scanners-analizers for our new special direct technical training center institution project (DTTC) as follows… Direct & Indirect Coupling Analog and Digital 1) Wind Speed Anemo Meter Wired & Wireless 2) Sunshine & Irradiation Analyzer Meter 3) Solar Heat Energy Monitor Meter 4) Show More...

We seek to buy devices-instrument-equipments-machines-tool-testers-monitors-scanners-analizers for our new special direct technical training center institution project (DTTC) as follows… Direct & Indirect Coupling Analog and Digital 1) Wind Speed Anemo Meter Wired & Wireless 2) Sunshine & Irradiation Analyzer Meter 3) Solar Heat Energy Monitor Meter 4) Pressure Tester Monitor Meter 5) Temp Monitor Meter 6) Flow level Monitor Meter 7) Radiation Tester scanner analyzer Meter 8) Frequency counter- analyzer- scanner-tester 9) Laser Beam Analyzer Tester 10) Muscle Power Tester 11) Flash Density Tester 12) IR range Tester Meter 13) Motion Sensor range Tester 14) Video Audio Signal Tester Meter 15) Conductivity Tester Meter 16) Vibration Tester Meter 17) Digital Analog Angle Meter 18) Magnet Flex Tester Meter 19) Current mA To Amps Tester Monitor 20) mV To 5k Volt Tester Meter 21) Water Quality, Ph., Hardness Tester 22) Oil-Lubricant-Coolant Viscosity Tester 23) Sea Water Salt Contamination Analyzer Tester 24) Thermal Heat Imaging Camera 25) Impact Force Analyzer Meter 26) Speed Monitor Analyzer Meter 27) Pulling Power Tester Meter 28) Torque Tester Meter 29) Load Cell Tester Meter 30) Wire Rope Strength Tester 31) Lifting Belt Tester Meter 32) Magnetic Eddy-Current Tester 33) Sound Db Tester Meter 34) Light Density Tester Meter 35) Flash Density & Speed Tester 36) Gas Leak Tester Meter 37) Vacuum Suction Tester 38) Plain Surface Level Tester 39) Paint Coating Thickness Tester 40) Body Resistance Tester 41) Heat & Cool Insulation Performance Tester 42) Welding Quality & Strength Tester 43) High Frequency Tester 44) Micro Wave Tester Meter 45) Ultra-Sonic Signal Strength Tester 46) Ultra Sound Tester Meter 47) X Ray Radiation Tester Meter 48) Mobile Phone Radiation Tester 49) Air Moisture Tester Meter 50) Induction Tester Meter 51) Thickness Tester Meter 52) Metal Glass Pvc Rubber Hardness Tester 53) Current Volt Frequency Ohms Tester 54) Capacitor Capacitance & Performance Tester 55) Batteries Cells Electrolyte Quality Tester 56) Conductivity Tester Meter 57) Temperature Tester Meter 58) Power Factor Controller performance Tester 59) Engine Combustion Tester 60) Transmission Timing Tester 61) Hydraulic Safety Valve Tester 62) Screw Compressor Pressure & Suction Vacuum Tester 63) Bitumen Tester 64) Fuel Quality Firing Efficiency Tester 65) Smoke Detector Tester 66) Friction Tester Meter 67) Earth Leak Tester Meter 68) Low High Frequency Tester 69) Discharge Tester Meter 70) Machine Cutting Blade Sharpness Tester 71) Air Pollution Moisture Tester 72) Flue Gas Monitor & Tester 73) Flame Contamination Tester 74) Steam Purity & Contamination Tester 75) Pool Water quality contamination ph Tester 76) Distilled Water Quality Tester 77) Ultra Violet Strength & Density Tester 78) O2 Ozone Tester & analyzer 79) Frozen Freezer Energy Loss Tester 80) Light Intensity Tester Meter 81) Battery Charge Self-Discharge Tester 82) Battery Capacity Tester Meter 83) Transformer Energy Loss Tester Meter 84) Transformer Oil Insulation Tester Meter 85) Corrosion Level Tester Meter analyzer 86) Watt, Kwh, Kva, Hp Tester Monitor Meter 87) Horizontal Vertical Metal Beams Deflection Tester 88) Precast Slabs Rigidity Deflection Laser Beam Tester 89) Heavy Duty Engine Case Head Crock Tester 90) 3d Laser Space Measurement Analyzer 91) Car Cabin Leak Tester Cabin Pressure Tester 92) Vehicles Smoke Tester Meter monitor 93) Foundation Deep Tester Meter analyzer 94) RC Pillars Columns Beams Crock-Bend-Damage Tester 95) Building Inside Beams Column Steel Quality Tester 96) Cables Conductivity & heat tester scanner 97) Motor Rotor Insulation & Residual Magnet Tester 98) LED Light Illumination Range Watts Tester 99) Fuel & Electrical Furnaces Efficiency Tester Analyzer 100) Towing Power tester monitor Analyzer 101) Rubber Belt Elasticity Tester 102) Waste Heat Efficiency Calculator Tester 103) Heat Deflection Tester Analyzer 104) Pneumatic Power Calculator Tester 105) Hydraulic Power Calculator Tester 106) Magnetic Power Calculator Tester 107) Mechanical Power Calculator Tester 108) Electrical Power Calculator Tester 109) Inertia Power Calculator Tester 110) Cooking Oil Quality & Contamination Tester 111) CO2 scanner tester monitor Meter 112) Metals density & hardness tester 113) Fuel Filters tester Meter 114) Turbo charger tester Meter 115) Humidifier & dehumidifier tester 116) Ozone generator tester Meter 117) Spring tension tester Meter 118) Sterilizing device instrument tester Meter 119) Sanitizer liquid quality tester meter 120) Vehicles & ac dc motor brake tester meter 121) IGBT tester & load cell tester 122) Universal VFD Servo Spindle Drive testing HMI 123) Utility convertor torque convertor tester 124) Waste water contamination tester 125) Recycled water tester Meter 126) Wood timber moisture tester scanner analyzer 127) Auto-transformer 3p i o 110 220 330 440 10kva 128) Battery cells separator sheets and battery top glue 129) Bearing induction heater 130) Battery load testing nichrome heating element 131) Treadmill belt joining machine or tool 132) Rubber & PVC welder, PVC heater blow gun 133) Treadmill heavy-duty belts 3 4 5mm thickness 134) Treadmill 5 to 10HP AC motors, DC motors & VFD 135) Treadmill 5 to 10 HP DC motor & DC motor Drive 136) Touch screen HMI multifunction monitor 20”-30”-40” 137) CNC PLC SCADA training demonstration kit 138) Battery load test DC AC load bank with data log 139) Electronic pcb fault diagnostic & fault scanner 140) Refractory materials for thermal field requirement 141) Air-condition cooling efficiency monitor-scanner 142) Infrared beam-signal strength tester monitor 143) Salt ratio density contamination tester monitor 144) Oil quality, conductivity, viscosity tester monitor 145) Engine horse power tester, monitor & scanner 146) AC DC motor horse power tester & scanner 147) Torque analyzer scanner monitor & tester 148) Blood glucose level non-direct tester monitor 149) Pulse, heartbeat, oxygen intake level monitor 150) Ozone generator, tester & monitor portable 151) Battery charging & discharging quality tester If you have any enquiry, clarification, verification, information needed; do not hesitate to contact me at any days any time 12h 7d please. On watsap-01: 0097334474650 and watsap-02: 0097339236574 Regards. JaganNathan M.R (CEO-Technical) M s: JEMS Engineering & Technical Solutions Company W.L.L. Post Office Box: 37734 west Riffa, Kingdom Of Bahrain. Middle East Arab Gulf. Tel: +973-17-874667 Mob: +973-39236574 (whatsap) Mob: +973-34474650 (whatsap) E-mail-01: E mail-02: Web: Facebook: Jems co wll Instagram: Jems co wll

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