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Food products for import Buyer and Importer from Qatar - Buying Lead

18 Jun, 2020

Food products for import

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Product name Unit Qty Frozen Chicken Leg Quarter 1X15 Kg kg 280,665.00 Rice Sona Masoori 35Kg kg 175,082.00 Fresh Vegetable Potato (Local) kg 168,898.00 Fresh Vegetable Onion Red Dry kg 139,808.07 Rice Long Grain 131 Pr-11 Steam 35kg kg 74,900.00 Fresh Fruit Orange kg 53,230.60 Rice Basmati Blend Long Grain Steam kg 64,170.00 Oil Vegetable Palm 18Ltr Ltr 140,148.00 Pulses Masoor Dal 1X15Kg kg 77,235.00 Fresh Vegetable Tomato kg 67,703.82 Fresh Egg 30X12Trays Large Tray 18,772.00 Juice Tetra Pack Assorted 27X200Ml Piece 442,023.00 Frozen Beef Slice 20X900Gm Pkt 2,200.00 Milk Powder 25Kg kg 8,825.00 Frozen Mutton Carcass 6 Cut Kg Aust. Spain kg 29,559.27 Fresh Fruit Apple Red kg 6,857.85 Pulses Black Chana 1X15Kg kg 8,055.00 Fresh Vegetable Cabbage Green kg 34,698.78 Flour Export Atta 50Kg kg 2,050.00 Frozen Chicken Whole Griller 10X1000Gm Pkt 14,600.00 Pulses White Chick Peas 12Mm 1X25Kg kg 9,883.00 Fresh Fruit Apple (Fuji) kg 18,255.00 Frozen Fish Mackarel 8 10 Kg kg 13,400.00 Powder Chick Peas (Besan) 15Kg kg 8,432.00 Rice Basmati 1121 Steam kg 8,245.00 Pulses Black Eye Beans 1X15Kg kg 5,880.00 Frozen Vegetable Cauliflower 4X2.5Kg kg 17,502.00 Pulses Green Moong Whole 1X15Kg kg 7,218.00 Frozen Chicken Franks 24X340Gm Pkt 9,480.00 Fresh Vegetable Ginger kg 7,736.69 Fresh Vegetable Cucumber kg 24,113.16 Frozen Vegetable Spinach Lives Chopped 4X2.5Kg kg 2,178.00 Fresh Vegetable Garlic kg 9,637.02 Rice Parboiled Ir-64 Sella kg 11,680.00 Pulses Dry Green Peas 1X20Kg kg 4,540.00 Rice Basmati 1121 White Cream Sella kg 68,660.00 Fresh Vegetable Marrow kg 11,620.00 Fresh Vegetable Radish White kg 12,101.95 Frozen Fish White Fillet 300 500 Kg kg 6,765.00 Pulses White Kidney Beans 1X25Kg kg 6,875.00 Pulses Moong Dal 1X15Kg kg 5,185.00 Frozen Beef Topside Kg Brazil kg 944.15 Fresh Lamb Leg Australia Kg kg 2,358.11 Rice Jasmine Thai Vietnam kg 5,040.00 Frozen Fish Sardine Kg kg 13,570.00 Frozen Chicken Whole Griller 10X1200Gm Pkt 1,510.00 Frozen Vegetable Mixed 4X2.5Kg Belgium kg 22,416.50 Fresh Vegetable Carrot Kg kg 17,440.14 Sugar-Fine 50Kg kg 20,400.00 Whole-Garam Masala 1Kg kg 350.00 Fresh Vegetable Capsicum Green kg 7,469.69 Whole-Seed Cummins 1X25Kg kg 1,925.80 Frozen Chicken Thighs Cube B L S L 1X18Kg kg 3,582.00 Fresh Vegetable Egg Plant kg 12,686.47 Frozen Beef Topside 1X20Kg India kg 2,440.00 Frozen Chicken Shawarma B L 4X2.5Kg kg 11,100.00 Fresh Vegetable Cauliflower kg 8,569.20 Dry Fruit-Cashew Nut Whole W320 2X10Kg kg 1,940.00 Flour Corn 25Kg kg 8,100.00 Fresh Vegetable Pumpkin White kg 14,362.99 Pulses Red Kidney Beans 1X15Kg kg 3,560.00 Juice Tetra Pack Assorted 27X250Ml Piece 1,350.00 Jam Mixed Fruits 4Kg kg 3,736.00 Pulses Mattar Dal 1X20Kg kg 8,500.00 Powder-Chilly Red 40Kg kg 2,120.00 Frozen Vegetable Green Peas 4X2.5Kg Belgium kg 5,457.00 Fresh Vegetable Green Chilly kg 3,922.41 Frozen Vegetable Green Cut Beans 4X2.5Kg Belgium kg 22,930.00 Frozen Chicken Breast B L S L kg 11,624.00 Fresh Mutton Australia Kg kg 1,402.25 Fresh Fruit Banana kg 8,389.90 Canned Tomato Peeled 6X2.55Kg kg 5,023.45 Fresh Vegetable Pumpkin Red kg 13,734.30 Canned Foul Madames 24X400Gm Piece 5,469.00 Canned Tomato Paste 12X850Gm Piece 11,504.00 Whole-Chilly Red Long 1X15Kg kg 1,500.00 Frozen Chicken Whole Griller 10X900Gm Pkt 1,960.00 Frozen Fish White Fillet Well Trimmed 8 10Oz Kg kg 3,281.00 Powder-Turmeric 40Kg kg 3,600.00 Rice Palakkadan Matta kg 3,532.00 Powder-Coriander 40Kg kg 1,760.00 Drink Powder For Juice Asst. 6X2.5Kg Jar 798.00 Cheese Triangle 8x1080Gm (1Pkt.=72 Pcs) Pkt 500.00 Milk Powder Full Cream (Ampack Brand) 25Kg kg 1500.00 Fresh Vegetable Coriander Leaves Local kg 1,762.46 Jm Orange Juice 250ML Btl 6,300.00 Jam Portion 1X324Pcs Piece 1,620.00 Pulses Chana Dal 1X15Kg kg 3,120.00 Fresh Fruit Mandarin kg 21,797.50 Frozen Chicken Whole Griller 10X1300Gm Pkt 6,010.00 Frozen Chicken Thigh B L S L kg 1500.00 Tea-Bag Lipton Yellow Label 12X100Pcs Pkt 1,086.00 Tea-Powder 2X5Kg kg 1,225.00 Salt-Cooking 25Kg kg 10,900.00 Fresh Fruit Pineapple (Phl) kg 4,696.32 Frozen Chicken Whole Griller 10X1400Gm Pkt 3,310.00 Juice Tetra Pack Assorted 24X200Ml Piece 264,312.00 Powder Mash-Urid 15Kg kg 1,065.00 Soya Bean Whole 20Kg kg 2,460.00 Portion Butter Salted 600X10Gm Lupark Piece 14,100.00 Fresh Mutton Chop Australia Kg kg 880.65 Fresh Fruit Sweet Melon kg 2,881.81 Mayonnaise 3Kg kg 669.32 Biscuit Glucose 48X48Gm Piece Frozen Chicken Breast B L S L Fillet kg 1,609.50 Semolina 25Kg kg 4,225.00 Coffee- Gold 6X200Gm Btl 8.00 Coconut Powder Desicated 25Kg kg 225.00 Fresh Fruit Apple Golden kg 3,326.00 Pulses Urid Dal 1X15Kg kg 917.00 Chilled Beef Topside South Africa Kg kg 785.66 Cream Cooking 12X1Ltr Piece 1,939.00 Frozen Fish Hammour Fillet Kg kg 2.11 Frozen Fish Rohu Kg kg 520.00 Tea-Powder Red Label 2X5Kg kg 330.00 Juice Orange 200 Ml Piece 354.00 Portion Butter Unsalted 600X10Gm Lupark Piece 31,900.00 Parotta Piece 16,250.00 Fresh Vegetable Potato Lebanon kg 9,060.60 Milk Rainbow Evaporated 48X410Ml Piece 8,795.00 Fresh Vegetable Lettuce Roman(Local) kg 6,482.34 Oil Sunflower 6X1.8Ltr Jar 5,444.00 Cheese Feta 1X16Kg kg 256.00 Chicken Stock Cube 6(20X80gm) Piece 4,028.00 Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer (5x200x3g) AE Piece 60,000.00 Pappad 40X200Gm Pkt 3,326.00 Coffee- Red Classic 12X200Gm Btl 331.00 Cheese Cheddar Yellow 8X2.5Kg kg 1,108.25 Laban Sharab 12X225Ml Piece 9,533.00 Frozen Vegetable Okra Zero 20X400Gm Pkt 410.00 Fresh Vegetable Lemon Kg kg 5,599.05 Milk Evaporated 96X170Ml Piece 2,043.00 Powder Rice 15Kg kg 1,125.00 Canton Noodle 30X454Gm Pkt 1,551.00 Powder-Cummins 15Kg kg 335.00 Whole-Cardamom Green 1Kg kg 117.31 Pickle-Mixed 4X5Kg kg 2,275.00 Pulses Urid Whole Black 1X15Kg kg 753.00 Fresh Lamb Chops Australia Kg kg 640.85 Portion-Honey 240x20Gm Piece 7,141.30 Whole-Black Pepper 1Kg kg 111.50 Pulses Toor Dal 1X15Kg kg 4,800.00 Powder-Chat Masala 72X100Gm Pkt 1,036.00 Flour No-1 Black Strip Maida Arabic 50 Kg kg 8,710.00 Cheese Mozzarella Shredded 900Gm - Awafi Pkt Juice Cup Frooti 12X200Ml Piece 4,320.00 Labneh 4Kg kg 608.00 Qf Brownies Por Powder-Chilly Kashmiri 1X15Kg kg 213.00 Canned Tomato Ketchup 4X5Kg kg 2,055.00

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