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Top 10 B2B Marketplace For Garments 2022

Top 10 B2B Marketplace For Garments 2022

Do you want to shift your traditional garment store completely to a B2B eCommerce platform? Want to connect yourself with the world’s top B2B marketplaces for garments? Then here you go!

Fashion industry is no newer to innovation. Fortunately, it also transforms the business models and shifted from traditional marketplaces to a B2B eCommerce website. Brands like Allbirds, Skims, and Gymshark also holds a remarkable place in eCommerce industry.

Rise in digital innovation and globalization put high impact on the customers way of spending. The COVID-19, incredibly boost the retail apocalypse that makes fashion sector more erratic and unpredictable than ever before.

As per the Statista, the eCommerce fashion industry annual growth rate from 2017 to 2025 will reach to 14%, and this industry will hit $672.71 billion by 2023.

However, in the US alone, the sales of footwear and apparel hits 204 million in 2022, and expected to reach 295 million by the year 2025. It shows consumers are willing to spend more money on the B2B eCommerce garments site.

Apparel footwear


Source: Statista

List Of Top B2B Marketplaces For Garments

If you are looking for the top marketplaces to start your B2B eCommerce business, then here you go;

  • eWorldTrade
  • Amazon
  • Joor
  • Buying Show
  • AliExpress
  • ETrade Asia
  • Ordre
  • Queen of Raw
  • Baibu

These platforms will offer ample opportunities to each apparel business and helps in developing the better name among competitors. So, you need to choose the best B2B marketplace to improve your apparel business. Here we make a list of top websites that surely leads you towards a successful business.

1.  eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade is the well-known B2B online marketplace that promises to cover a broader range of industries to facilitate the customers to buy qualitative products. It is the most highly credible e-commerce platform whose motive is to gather authentic merchants across the globe. This platform is known as the professional hub for manufacturers and brands belonging to various industries.

This fully optimized platform is considered as the gateway to bringing more sellers and prospects closer. It is a user-friendly platform, so customers easily navigate the products with the advanced search bar. The availability of filters helps to personalize the shopping experience that buyers crave. Consequently, they quickly navigate the required product from different categories.

2.  Amazon

Amazon is the best B2B online marketplace that marked its positioning as a leading e-commerce platform. This online marketplace extends its services to several countries where it does better to win seller’s hearts. It offers efficient and valuable products with complete specifications to indulge potential buyers in your brand services.

However, you find the products according to alphabetical orders, so customers find it easy to locate the required products from the product specification number. Customers are always hunting for convenience with the B2B marketplace, their shopping experience eventually increasing that builds customer’s trust. And, it promises to provide the best customer services to attract more reach.

3.  Joor

Joor is another big name in the online wholesale marketplace, especially when it comes to female fashion industry. This digital platform allows retailers and designers to perform digital transactions through an outstanding medium. With this B2B platform, garment business has accessibility to feature their collections, find targeted prospects, and manage their online orders efficiently. It helps retailers by developing a social network and it allow them to communicate with buyer effortlessly.

4.  Buying Show

Another big name in B2B marketplaces for fashion is buying show. It is a huge marketplace that connect wholesalers and buyers from every corner of the world. It even helps in discovering the top garment brand without hassle. Buying show was founded in 2015 and it incredibly makes it place in the shortest period of time due to its transparent policies. This garment site helps traders to organize their products efficiently.

5.  Ordre

Ordre a leading name in online B2B marketplaces for retailers and fashion brands. This B2B platform allow its users to get in touch with targeted prospect to carry out business transactions. This site provides the 360-degree product view with deep analytics and more. This B2B marketplace also offers VR headsets facility to facilitate the fitting assistance.

6.  Queen of Raw

The queen of raw is another top name among online B2B marketplace of fabrics and textile. If you are searching for cost-effective platform to buy garments, queen of raw is another big name. Here you find product catalog of different raw materials such as silk, leather, fur, wool, knit, and many others. It even offers free shipping at some fixed purchases.

7.  Baibu

Baibu is the fabric trading platform, where designers are looking for the specific kind of cloths and even hunt for the images and quotes from manufacturers. This B2B platform selling fabrics and other textile items worldwide. Rather than this, it also offers the enterprise resource planning and inventory management to help buyer in order to locate their purchase material.

8.  OrderMyGear

If you are looking B2B marketplace for apparel, OrderMyGear is another name of it. This B2B marketplace develop bridge between online stores for vendors and dealers with a simple payment processing method.

9.  Wholesalebox

The wholesalebox is the online wholesale distribution website of fashion products. This B2B fashion site has different product catalog that includes ethnic wear, lingerie, bottoms, western wear, and nightwear. You can even buy jewelry from this store without hassle.

10.  Fibre2Fashion

Fibre2Fashion is the best B2B marketplace for fashion and textile industry. This eCommerce platform provides sourcing of different textile product in all over the world. It supports small to large size businesses and helps them in trading their B2B garments business impressively.

To Wrap Up The Things

The concluding paragraph is; a good B2B platform always has interactive and engaging user-interface. The above-mentioned site will surely help you to operate your garment business successfully. These top B2B marketplaces for garments will overcome the modern challenges and helps to develop your business across the world.

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