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Top 10 B2B Marketplace For Cosmetics 2022

Top 10 B2B Marketplace For Cosmetics 2022

Have you wondered why the boom in B2B marketplaces become the new frontier? No matter what industry you belong to, COVID-19 made a great impact on the B2B industry. As per the researchers, the massive shift has been overserved, the entire B2B traditional store shifted to online eCommerce platforms.

Whether you are offering beauty personal care products or apparel business, having your online existence is necessary. Today, people invest a high amount to buy makeup products from the online eCommerce channel. However, the global B2B marketplace for cosmetics is expected to reach USD 189.3 billion by 2025.


Source: Statista

Spending on cosmetic products is the utmost need of every individual, as everyone wants to make their look attractive and good-looking. Women today spend almost $313 per month on different cosmetic products as compared to men.

As per Forrester Research, the B2B sales revenues are expected to grow by $1 billion and its sales may reach $780 billion by 2020. But, the matter of interest is the global B2B eCommerce worth will reach $149 trillion in US dollars.

List Of Top B2b Ecommerce Marketplaces For Cosmetics 

As mentioned above, the global recession put a great impact on online retail sales, and it may increase from 32.4% to 39% in the year 2021. If you want to buy cosmetics in bulk quantity, then here is the list of top 10 B2B marketplaces for cosmetics 2022.

So, let’s dive into this article!

1.  eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade is the top leading B2B marketplace for cosmetics. This platform gives access to every individual, whether they are an entrepreneur or top brands. eWorldTrade helps buyers to get access to the most trustworthy and certified suppliers from every corner of the world. This leading platform has a user-friendly and interactive interface that engages buyers.

However, this platform also has an advanced search option that is easy for customers to navigate the required products quickly. The best thing about this platform is the suppliers offer products at cost-effective prices. It has transparent policies that eventually develop a strong relationship with buyers.

2.  Amazon

To buy branded cosmetics, Amazon is another big name in the B2B marketplaces all over the world. Suppose you are living in Africa and want to connect with Chinese manufacturers to buy cosmetics, Amazon helps in approaching the best buyer that meets your requirements. It has millions of products in its catalog that are designed perfectly to garner the attention of buyers.

These B2B sites offer numerous opportunities to both buyers and sellers. This platform offers a credit rush without shipping. You can even reorder your products.

3.  Alibaba

Alibaba is a big name among the B2B marketplaces for cosmetics also. This B2B site has more than 80 sales due to its huge clientele. It has a simple and attractive user interface, so it is easy for buyers and manufacturers to make their search effective. It is considered the wholesale warehouse for all B2B businesses and provides them support to sell products in every region of the world.

This B2B platform is operated by a Chinese entrepreneur, and it offers the secured and safest trading. It even offers deals and discounts on various products.

4.  China brands

China brands are the top B2B marketplace for cosmetics. The main of this B2B eCommerce site is to offer branded products to the targeted customers. The China brand is the most credible platform that has a wide-ranging product catalog with a modern search bar. This platform working for years in order to make a reputable business name in the industry.

5.  Cosmetix Club

Cosmetix Club has grown its name as a reliable wholesale trader all over the world. Over the past couple of years, this US-based company marked its name as the leading B2B marketplace for cosmetics. It has suppliers from small businesses to top-scale retailers, who offer top cosmetic products worldwide.

6.  eBay

eBay is the top growing B2B marketplace that gains a high reputation in the short era. It has strategic B2B policies that help businesses to operate operational activities successfully. If you are an entrepreneur, connecting with eBay will be the best option ever. The researchers talk about eBay and mentioned this B2B platform spends lots of money and time to make engaging B2B eCommerce websites.

However, eBay is more focused on developing a well-designed user interface. It is the most prominent B2B marketplace that aims to attract more reach and expand its horizon worldwide.

7.  Global source

Another prominent name in the B2B marketplace for cosmetics is Global sources. This B2B marketplace offers a convenient and secure shopping experience. It has established in 1971 that has 49 years of experience in running an eCommerce business.

The best thing about this b2b eCommerce site is; it has call-to-action tools, an order tracking system, provides the fastest delivery, and has detailed product information to attract more customers.

8.  EC21

EC21 is also the most authentic and trusted B2B marketplace that offers premium quality products to every client. This B2B marketplace was established in 1997, as the leading online board for the Korean International Trade Association.

EC21 has marked its name among the top wholesale sides for every merchant. This online marketplace also invests in creating a flexible and easy-to-use website. It allows every small to medium size companies in order performs business activities efficiently.

9.  AliExpress

AliExpress is the subsidiary of Alibaba that has also grown into the largest B2B marketplace for cosmetics. It’s also coming into existence with the aim of interacting with international wholesalers, traders, and merchants.

This B2B marketplace was initiated to sell Chinese products, but today, it incredibly expands its services across different regions of the world. This B2B marketplace is the best place to garner the attention of potential customers. It even offers a seamless price pattern and discounts on different products.

10.  Wholesale cosmetics

Wholesale cosmetics is the best wholesale company that was inaugurated in 1998. This B2B wholesale marketplace for cosmetics offers branded products at highly cost-effective rates. It has huge clientele for years. It provides a simple and easy payment process. You can even avail of seasonal discounts on this platform.

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