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Most Profitable Items To Import From China to USA

Most Profitable Items To Import From China to USA

Importing in the USA is a mammoth industry. As per the Statista reports, the importing value was over 2.33 trillion U.S. dollars in 2020 in the USA. On the contrary, China export value in the year 2019 was USD 2,499.4 billion. The country has witnessed a 19.7% growth in its export industry. The well-established and successful countries around the globe rely on getting high-quality goods imported from China. In the retail industry, Chinese products hold a prominent position. Many high-tech companies even get their devices assembled in China. For instance, the most loved iPhone models are all assembled in China.

So, here you will find out the highly profitable goods best to import from China to the USA. Depending upon the demand and market value these products are listed down. Read on!

1. Wireless Phone Chargers

Wireless Phone Chargers

Gadgets have a different appeal. A wireless phone charger can help you sweep into the market with a bang. The chargers must be of high quality as the demand is high the stakes got higher of ensuring a good quality supply. The best thing is that you can get wireless phone chargers for every smartphone brand and model. These chargers are easy to carry and much safer to keep. The market value is around $12.99.

The expected profit is $959. You can get 100 units of wireless chargers at only $340.

2. Video Door Bells

Video Door Bells

Security cameras and any gadget that can add more surveillance are in demand. The same goes with video doorbells, they are connected to the home owner’s smartphone who can view whoever rang the bell. Well, it’s a new technology for catching the naughty kids in your neighborhood red-handed as well. On a serious note, these video doorbells are new to the market and can hold immense importance when it comes to home security. The market price is around $59.98 whereas you can make the expected profit of about $3,898 with just 100 units available at the wholesale price of $2,100.

3. Wi-Fi Repeater

Wi-Fi Repeater

There is a huge population of people who wants to stay connected to the internet every second. Changing the location or even spots in your home may make your signals weak on the device. Therefore, wi-fi repeaters are there that get attached to your smartphone to increase its capacity to catch the wi-fi signals. Usually, the routers cover up to 20 yards per square area. However, with the help of repeaters, you can increase the range. This is a pretty useful and in-demand product, especially in the USA. With only 100 units purchased at a wholesale price of $2,000, you can make the expected profit of about $1,700 per piece. The per-unit price is around $37.

4. Air Fryer

Air Fryer

The very istagrammable home electronics, Air fryer is in trend these days. Electronics are used in cooking various meals and many celebrities in the USA are making cool short videos while using them. You may have seen it on picture-based posts recently on social media platforms. It is enjoying a good demand due to its easy to handle specifications. It has become the most sought-after kitchen equipment. With the wholesale price of about $3,500 of 100 high-quality units, you can make a potential profit of about $6,499. Its typical retail price value is around $99.99.

5. 4K Digital Camera

4K Digital Camera

When talking about high-profit products, electronics and gadgets take the stage. So, here is yet another gadget, the 4K Digital Camera. Importing professional quality cameras from China is the best option. In the USA, digitalization s at its peak. The photographers, digital artists are all looking for ways to earn dollars from transforming the natural elements and reality into digital form. So, the 4K Digital Camera is the best thing to add to your importing list. The wholesale price is about $1,600 for 100 units. You can sell it at the retail price value of $49.99 making heaps of profit up to $3,399.

6. 24-Piece Professional Cosmetic Brush Set

24-Piece Professional Cosmetic Brush Set

One thing that has been taken to another level is makeup. The beauty industry has received a peak of sales, especially in the makeup accessories section. Since the massive use of Instagram and apps like Snapchat, everyone wants to look stylish and so picture-perfect looks needs professional accessories as well. The 24 pieces makeup brushes set is going to receive a greater demand as you launch your products. So, it’s best to get them at the lowest price and of the perfect quality from China. The wholesale price is around $390 for 100 sets. You can sell each set at a retail price of about $17.99 which will let you earn a profit of about $1,409.

7. Selfie Ring Light

Selfie Ring Light

When the world is getting crazy with TikTok why don’t you plan to get the amazing selfie ring light in your stock? The high-quality selfie ring light can get you surface in every social media platform with your eye-catching pictures. Moreover, by using TikTok automation tools and creating quality videos with the help of the ring light, you will ensure more engagement with your audience. You can brighten up your images and get a proper result with this gadget. It is currently in demand in the USA and getting it imported from China is a clever idea. The wholesale price you can get is around $120 for 100 units. You can make an expected profit of about $1,279 and sell the product at the retail price of $13.99.

8. Men’s Grooming Kit

Men’s Grooming Kit

Since men are taking interest in personal grooming, the Men’s grooming kit has received a high demand. The handy device with perfect shavers is best to get groomed at home and ditch the high-priced salon experience. In the USA, people prefer to go for cheap options so this kit would do great in the industry. The wholesale price is around $1,050 for 100 units. The retail price is about $54.94 and you can make a potential profit of about $4,444.

Wrap Up

Whatever product you are planning to go with, you need to make sure that your retailers are reliable. You must dig deep into the market to look for better price and then order in bulk amount. Don’t fall for the lowest rates offered as it may come with a compromised product quality.

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