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List Of Pharmaceutical Companies in Bangladesh


When we talk about the pharmaceutical industry, Bangladesh’s economy has shown very significant growth in recent years. With a market size of approximately 3 billion, the economy of Bangladesh has recorded a growth of 15.6% CAGR in the past 4 years. The main reason for this growth is the increasing population of this country, which is causing high demand for quality medicines.

So, this industry has contributed in a quite significant way to the national economy in many ways. Whether by providing employment opportunities, generating revenue through exports, or when it comes to meeting the healthcare needs of the population.

List Of the Major Pharmaceutical Companies In Bangladesh

1.      eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade is one of the leading platforms that is connecting millions of pharmaceutical companies on a global basis. With years of experience, this b2b marketplace has a vast category of products, with an extensive range of medical products, whether they are pharmaceutical drugs or CPAP machines for hospitals.

With millions of verified users, eWorldTrade is providing endless opportunities for both manufacturers and buyers from around the world. This platform is flourishing in the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh, as major players in this industry are using eWorldTrade to expand their reach.

Some of the famous pharmaceutical products available in eWorldTrade are,

2.      Square Pharmaceuticals

One of the most notable names in the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh is Square Pharmaceuticals. Established in 1958, this company is making its way as a leading one in the industry by manufacturing a vast range of medicines.

As they are known for producing quality antibiotics that are well-known in the pharma industry, even in other countries of Asia, America, and Africa. They never compromise when it comes to quality, as they have experienced lab researchers in their company.

Some of the famous pharmaceutical products available in Square Pharmaceuticals are,

3.      Beximco

This Bangladeshi company is one of the best painkiller manufacturers. From tablets to syrups, they are exporting a huge number of pharmaceutical drugs all across the world. As they are increasing their reach, they share more than 5% of the economy of Bangladesh’s pharmaceutical industry.

Beximco has sold the most painkillers in the country of Napa, along with intravenous fluids, nutrition products, and other pharmaceutical products.

Some of the famous pharmaceutical products available in Beximco are,

4.      Drug International Limited

As a renowned pharmaceutical company, Drug International Limited has a rich history in this industry. They have a diverse portfolio of products that are known for innovation and reliability at competitive prices.

They have been operating for several decades and have earned a reputation for their commitment to quality and innovation. Their success can be attributed to their consistent focus on research and development, catering to various therapeutic areas, and their strong distribution network.

Some of the famous pharmaceutical products available in Drug International Limited are,

  • Salvia
  • Steroids
  • Synthetic Cannabinoids
  • Synthetic Cathinones

5.      Apex Pharma Limited

Apex Pharma Limited is a prominent player in the pharmaceutical industry, known for its extensive research capabilities and global presence. With state-of-the-art research facilities, they have been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge medications.

Their commitment to quality and compliance has enabled them to establish a strong presence in international markets, contributing significantly to the export earnings of the country.

Some of the famous pharmaceutical products available in Apex Pharma Limited are,

  • Over-the-counter medicines—Loperamide
  • PCP
  • Prescription Opioids
  • Prescription Stimulants
  • Psilocybin
  • Rohypnol®

6.      Renata Ltd.

Renata Ltd. stands out for its emphasis on specific therapeutic areas and strategic partnerships. They have identified key focus areas such as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory disorders, and oncology, and have developed a range of specialized products in these fields.

Collaborations with international pharmaceutical companies and research institutions have helped them access advanced technologies and expand their product offerings.

Some of the famous pharmaceutical products available in Renata Ltd. are,

  • Algin Injection
  • Algin Syrup
  • Algin Tablet
  • Alkanon
  • Alphapress Tablet

7.      Aristopharma Ltd

Aristopharma Ltd. deserves a great deal of recognition for pushing the boundaries of the pharmaceutical industry. This organization places a strong emphasis on research and development (R&D) and is always looking for fresh, creative ways to enhance healthcare results. Being a major participant in the industry, their dedication to research and development makes them stand out from the competition.

From developing new drug formulations to discovering novel therapeutic targets, they have consistently pushed the envelope in pharmaceutical research. Their dedication to innovation has resulted in life-changing treatments and improved quality of life for countless individuals.

8.      Orion Pharma Limited

One of the leading pharmaceutical firms in Bangladesh, Orion Pharma Limited, has a long history of success in the field. It provides a wide selection of premium medications to meet a range of medical requirements. Orion Pharma Limited has attained many milestones with a dedication to innovation and client satisfaction, establishing its reputation as a reliable name in the pharmaceutical industry.

Orion Pharma Limited has made significant contributions to the healthcare sector in Bangladesh. It focuses on developing and manufacturing medicines that address critical health challenges faced by the population.

9.      G.A Company Limited

G.A Company Limited was established with a vision to provide accessible and affordable healthcare solutions to the people of Bangladesh. Its journey is a testament to its commitment and dedication in the pharmaceutical industry.

This company provides a wide range of pharmaceutical medicines that address a number of therapeutic areas, including infectious disorders, respiratory conditions, and cardiovascular conditions. It guarantees that its goods fulfill international standards and improve patient well-being by putting a strong emphasis on quality and safety.

Contribution of Pharmaceutical Companies to Healthcare in Bangladesh

●       Improving Access to Medicines

In Bangladesh, pharmaceutical businesses are essential to the population’s increased access to reasonably priced medications. Their production of a broad variety of generic drugs guarantees the accessibility of necessary treatments at reasonable costs. By attending to the requirements of a wide range of patients—especially those from economically challenged backgrounds—this makes a substantial contribution to the healthcare system.

●       Charitable Initiatives and Corporate Social Responsibility

Many pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh actively engage in charitable initiatives and corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. These initiatives focus on providing healthcare support to marginalized communities, funding medical camps, organizing awareness campaigns, and supporting education in the healthcare field. Through their CSR activities, these companies demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of society beyond their commercial interests.

●       Supporting Healthcare Infrastructure Development

Pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh not only manufacture medicines but also contribute to the development of healthcare infrastructure in the country. They invest in the establishment of modern manufacturing facilities, research centers, and quality control laboratories. By improving infrastructure, these companies enhance the overall capacity and quality of healthcare services, ultimately benefiting the population at large.


In summary, Bangladesh’s pharmaceutical industry has become a major force in the international market thanks to its dedication to accessibility, quality, and innovation. Bangladesh has enormous potential to address its population’s healthcare demands and improve global

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