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12 Trending Products To Sell In Philippines 2021

In Philippines, there is a consumer-driven economy, that’s the reason the use of eCommerce platforms has been increasing. According to researchers, Filipinos will spend almost $12 billion on eCommerce platforms by 2025. So, rapid growth of online shopping indicates tremendous opportunities for eCommerce players.

However, the continued rise in eCommerce platforms means you need to understand the intensified competition to make a better position in the competitive market. To stand in the highly competitive market, you need to sell the right products and understand the marketing strategies timely. If you follow similar trends, it is difficult to show your uniqueness and build a reputable image. Not only this, but you also need to understand the behavior of your target customer to deliver the appropriate products to them.

Yet, there are numerous moving parts when it comes to building an astounding eCommerce business in the Philippines. For instance, when you decide to have your brand on any eCommerce platform, you have to consider lots of factors such as shipping, checkout process, etc. In all these features, customer satisfaction is one the most essential things for all brand owners. Convincing the targeted customers to your brand might be tricky. And, it is imperative to have updated knowledge about the eCommerce platforms. That is why the biggest hurdles are to figure out the right products to sell along with the right b2b lead generation strategy

In this guide, here you will read 12 top-selling products in Lazada Philippines 2021.

Best Selling and in Demand Products In The Philippines 2021 – 2022

Selling the right products is the only way to robustly increase your brand reputation and generate high profit. These suggestions can be implied to a brand-new store or may add to an existing store.

So, without further commotion, let’s dive into it!

1) Dumb bells

Dumb bells

It is not surprising that Filipinos are eager for body fitness. And they stick to their workout regime. In this pandemic, the interest and attention of home workouts may increase, which is why the fitness equipment has become skyrocketed. For Filipinos, dumbbells are the most important part of the workout regime. So, they are eager to buy dumbbells in order to stay on top of their workout regime. People also love to buy yoga mats, treadmills, exercise bikes, balance balls, weight benches, and other exercise equipment.

2) Appliances

Household appliances are the hottest shopper category in the Philippines, with a market growth rate of $159 million. According to research, the keyword ‘appliances’ has the $1500 monthly searches in the Philippines. Since appliances are the high-ticket product that customers want to buy. So, you can even choose the appliances to sell on a B2B eCommerce store.

3) Skincare products

Filipinos loved to spend on skincare products. As per the researchers, Filipino purchasers will spend $2 billion on skincare products by 2027 that include creams, lotions, facial cleansers, cosmetic items, and many more. The demand for skin care products will be high in the Philippines. Suppose you decide to have your business on an eCommerce platform and find things that you want to sell online in the Philippines, skincare products are the best option.

4) Shoes


As per the google trends data, Filipino consumers are interested in buying shoes. There are almost 50,000 monthly searches for shoes in the Philippines. However, it allows you to attract high-intent traffic. For any entrepreneur who wants to start a new brand in the Philippines, selecting the footwear category is also the one that you take into consideration. But, before starting your business, understand which segment you want to target, whether they are millennial athletes, popular designs for Gen-Z, and comfortable footwear for pensioners.

5) Video games And Puzzles

video games

The demand for video games has been increasing globally. Due to the pandemic, people want at-home entertainment. That is the reason Filipino consumers wish to buy PS5, Xbox, and other games accessories. With nearly 15000 monthly searches for Video games, this is the opportunity for entrepreneurs to go for this category for the eCommerce sites. As per Researchers, The global video game market was valued at USD 189.3 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 560.11 billion by 2030. Board games are also a great way to bring family friends together.

6) Fitness apparel

Filipino consumers almost spent $1.5 billion on fitness apparel around the year 2019. The top-selling products are workout clothes, gym clothes, and fitness apparel. During the ongoing pandemic, people work out in their homes. So, there are numerous activewear products for both women and men. As you know, women are athleisure that tend to trend higher in the competitive market. They have a choice to customize their activewear, hoodies, etc.

7) Kid toys

Kids are spending more time at their homes due to COVID-19, so parents must think of some creative way to engage their children in other activities. This usually involves the buying of games and toys to trigger their creative spirit. You can keep them engaged by buying educational toys and board games. It constantly increases their mental activity and physical activity as well.

8) Planners and notebooks

People want to organize their work, and they are looking for the resources that help to focus them on their work. There must be a strong focus on meditation and mindfulness to escape from life’s current hecticness. That is why the items line planners and guided journals become their priority. For office purposes, people also prefer to have their daily life planner. So, choosing any type of journal for your brand is also a great option, such as bullet journals, meditation journals, etc.

9) Mobile devices and accessories

The use of mobile devices is increasing during a pandemic. And, smartphone accessories have become a practical necessity for owners. So, there are lots of options when it comes to mobile accessories, such as; phone cases, portable chargers, selfie sticks, headphones, Bluetooth earbuds, phone ring holders, screen protectors, smartwatches, and many more.

 10) Jewelry

Aside from cosmetic products, games, office essentials, jewelry is also the thing that takes into consideration for sale too. Building a jewelry brand is hard to grow, but its reward may be high. You have several options to sell online such as gold jewelry, diamonds, and precious stones. You can even plan to sell handcrafted jewelry.

11)  Pet Products

Pet products are also trending products in the Philippines. The pet owners consider them as the main part of their household. When viewing their pet as the family, they take extra care of their health. To maintain their health, they prefer to buy pet comfort products, such as slow feeder bowls, pet grooming gloves, electronic cat toys, and pet beds. You have a lot of options that you can sell online in Philippines. 

How to find trending products in the Philippines? 

To find trendy products, there are several ways, such as; you can use different search engine tools, conduct market research, and check popular social media posts. 

What are the best-selling items in the Philippines? 

The best-selling items in the Philippines are home appliances, skincare products, jewelry, mobile device accessories, kid toys, shoes, notebooks, pet products, health and fitness products. 

What products are high in demand in 2021? 

People are so conscious about health fitness and skincare, so the demand for these products is too high in 2021.

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