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PickUp Wholesalers, Manufacturers & Companies

A pickup or a pickup truck is a passenger car or SUV with a flat, open trailer. A pickup is a special form of the flatbed truck. The importance of this type of vehicle is extremely different in different parts of the world. Classic pick-ups consist of a ladder frame with a cargo box which is screwed onto it, with a rigid rear axle and leaf spring suspension. In North America, this kind of truck is mostly based on an SUV. The pickup trucks are not only used as commercial vehicles but are used predominantly as normal cars in Europe, sometimes also as leisure cars up to the status symbol. In the case of the engine, the V6 and V8 petrol engines dominate the range, although Dodge, GMC, Chevrolet and Ford diesel engines with six or eight cylinders have been available for years. In North America, pickup trucks with pure rear-wheel drive and optionally with shiftable or permanent all-wheel drive are offered. The classic pick-ups are divided into Small Size, Midsize, Upper Midsize and Full Size. Do you need pickups for your showroom, for a courier business, or for other reasons, eWorldTrade brings PickUp manufacturers and distributors close to you. These pickup trucks are offered in premium quality from the manufacturers. If you want to buy a range of PickUp trucks, use this collection to find reputable distributors and manufacturers relating to PickUp.